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What is this tool?

This tool allows you to do some file transfer with Embedded Linux devices running with little endian MIPS processors (many, many WLAN routers are such devices).

It allows uploading special applets to the device, start and stop these applets and configure them using a graphical user interface. These applets may - for example - run in the background and change the router's configuration at a given time (I for example change the ISDN configuration of an old AVM Fritz!Box Fon 7050 over night because of fax adverts - see below).

The application also allows GDB/MIPS to be used to debug the applets and other executables on the WLAN router (if the router supports the "ptrace" system call). (You may use "Eclipse" as graphical interface to GDB.)

I planned a graphical development tool (graphical programming language) for future versions but unfortunately I do not have the time to implement this. Therefore you have to use another compiler for MIPS...


Advertisment via faximile or telephone is - fortunately - illegal in Germany.

Unfortunately there are some people trying to send us fax advertisements in the middle of the night. Because they send us the faxes to our phone number the phone rings all the night.

My first idea to solve this was to install some kind of "whitelist" on our DSL WLAN router (that also does the telephone handling). Unfortunately the router's firmware did not have this feature so I thought about patching the firmware.

Unfortunately there were no easy-to-use development tools for Embedded Linux (my parents must be able to install the software when the router is reset and I am away) so I had to develop my own development tools...




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